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Value Proposition
NiTech Solutions provides end-to-end reaction and crystallization solutions:

  • Reactor systems
    We can deliver commercial continuous flow reaction and crystallization technology at laboratory, pilot plant and manufacturing scale.
  • Continuous chemistry
    We can conduct feasibility studies for customers at our partner laboratories in UK, France, Sweden and USA in order to assist with the transfer of processes from batch to continuous.

The NiTech Solutions advantage

  • More than 70% plant footprint reduction
  • More than 50% capex reduction
  • More than 30% operating cost reduction
  • More than 10% yield improvement
  • More consistent quality
  • More controllable and repeatable process
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NiTech Solutions is a leading authority and expert on continuous processing. Its unique patented reactors and crystallizers are transforming the manufacture of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and drink, and biotechnology.

  • NiTech Solutions’s simple, yet highly innovative, continuous flow technology meets today’s need for safer, greener, faster and cheaper manufacturing processes.
  • Portable and scalable units are available as either independent components or as complete manufacturing systems
  • NiTech Solutions works with clients (directly and through its partners) to explore how the novel technology can improve their own processes
  • NiTech Solutions can tailor the crystallizers/reactors to meet a range of requirements for temperature, pressure, anti-corrosive properties and multi-feeding arrangements
  • The technology is easily scalable to commercial production. NiTech Solutions can license the technology on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis
  • NiTech Solutions also offers continuous filtration and drying technologies, where appropriate, through its engineering partner, HCS in Glenrothes, Scotland, UK.

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Advanced Manufacturing:
Do you want to improve your process?

Use our decision map to see if NiTech Solutions will work for your process

NiTech Solutions Advanced manufacturing decision map

NiTech Solutions icheme awards finalist

NiTech Solutions Rushlight Awards Commended 2016/17


  • Easy monitoring and recording of process variables


  • Minimised energy input
  • Reduced waste generation
  • Reduced solvent use


  • Consistent product quality
  • Handles liquids, solids and gases
  • Effective with a wide range of chemistries
  • Higher yields from better conversion efficiency:
    > 10% improvement
  • Simplified product change-over and maintenance: enables lower inventories and large or small runs …with no major cost penalties


  • Lower capital and maintenance costs:
    > 50% capex reduction
    > 30% operating cost reduction
  • Lower spares inventory cost
  • Increased uptime
  • Modular/portable manufacturing configuration
  • Enables distributed manufacturing at affordable cost
  • Simplifies expansion opportunities:
    •  linear scale up
    •  reduced investment risk
    •  low-cost options available
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Q&A – NiTech

UMi caught up with Paul Hodges, chairman, NiTech Solutions.
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NiTech DN15 Pilot Croda unit

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Real Vision interview with Paul Hodges:
Pharmaceuticals sector local supply chains

NiTech Solutions Mobile Continuous Production Platform – the DN Ultra

DN Ultra Unit

NiTech Solutions’s mobile continuous production platform (MCPP) – the DN Ultra – is a complete manufacturing system developed and manufactured in association with Alconbury Weston. The platform includes a fully integrated reaction, crystallization, filtration and drying system that can be easily scaled up to produce higher volumes by increasing the number of units used.