NiTech Solutions is shaping a sustainable and efficient future for chemical processing.

We combine our innovative continuous flow reactor technology with cost savings and emissions reduction.

Through rapid scale-up we enable our customers across the processing industry towards meeting their Net Zero ambitions.

NiTech Solutions helps customers reach NET ZERO

NiTech Solutions innovation powerhouseNiTech has developed impressive collateral as an
innovation powerhouse

NiTech Solutions award-winning breakthrough technology


Our breakthrough technology has won major European and UK awards

NiTech Solutions tackling climate change

Tackling climate change

Emissions, water use and waste are all reduced

NiTech Solutions reducing costs

Reducing costs

Reduced cycle time from 10 hours to just 2 minutes for Croda, a major global player in life science and consumer care

NiTech Solutions improving quality and safety

Improving quality and safety

Online monitoring combines with inherently safer design

NiTech Solutions Innovation Powerhouse - Net Zero processing

Competitive and Net Zero pressures highlight the need for companies to switch from batch to continuous processes

NiTech Solutions Innovation Powerhouse - wide range of processes

Our reaction and crystallization technology can operate across a wide range of processes

NiTech Solutions Innovation Powerhouse - patent-protected and supported

It is patent-protected and supported by proprietary process know-how

NiTech Solutions Innovation Powerhouse - Accelerator tool

Our Accelerator tool helps to reduce adoption times and increase your profits – whilst reducing emissions

NiTech Solutions provides end-to-end reaction and crystallization solutions:

  • Reactor systems
    We can deliver commercial continuous flow reaction and crystallization technology at laboratory, pilot plant and manufacturing scale.
  • Continuous chemistry
    We can conduct feasibility studies for customers at our partner laboratories in UK, France, Sweden and USA in order to assist with the transfer of processes from batch to continuous.
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We manufacture across the scale…
From Lab-scale... through Pilot-scale... to Production-scale

NiTech Solutions products – Lab-scale COBR and COBC


NiTech Solutions products – Pilot-scale COBR/COBC


NiTech Solutions products – Full-scale production COBR/COBC



  • Easy monitoring and recording of process variables
  • Reduced quantity of potentially hazardous materials in reactors
  • Reduced environmental impact risk from process failure
  • Exceptional heat transfer prevents runaway reactions
  • Improved process control and excursion detection
  • Potential to lower site safety tier status due to lower in-process inventory
  • Lower manual exposure to operations with remote operation


  • Minimised energy input
  • Reduced waste generation
  • Reduced solvent use
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced raw material consumption
  • Reduced CO2 and VOC emissions
  • Better resource efficiency – energy, raw materials, and plant infrastructure


  • High throughput rates from small reactor volumes
  • Efficient heat and mass transfer allow high reaction and crystallization rates
  • Faster product transitions
  • Accelerate gas and solid-phase reactions through effective mass transfer
  • Increased equipment availability


  • Lower capital and maintenance costs:
    > 50% capex reduction
    > 30% operating cost reduction
  • Lower spares inventory cost
  • Increased uptime
  • Modular/portable manufacturing configuration
  • Enables distributed manufacturing at affordable cost
  • Simplifies expansion opportunities:
    •  linear scale up
    •  reduced investment risk
    •  low-cost options available

Overview of NiTech Solutions technology and benefits