Food and Drink

NiTech Solutions reactors and crystallizers are perfect for the food and drink sector, where competition is strong and consumers are becoming more health-conscious and increasingly seeking fresher products with higher nutritional value.

Operational agility has become of paramount importance to food and drink manufacturers, who are adjusting their operations to become more agile and responsive to market demands.

Controlling crystallization is a major factor in determining food structure, texture, and consumer appeal.

Immiscible liquid-liquid reactions are encountered throughout the synthetic flavour and fragrance industry. Manufacture of synthetic flavours/fragrances is challenging in batch reactors due to poor mixing and phase separation, which can result in slow and energy-intensive processes, often with low yields and product purity.

A NiTech Solutions continuously oscillatory baffled reactor can overcome this issue due to the intense mixing and effective temperature control. Continuous manufacture of high-quality synthetic compounds has already been achieved in a NiTech Solutions continuous reactor.

NiTech Solutions DN15 range of reactors and crystallizers supports the food and drink sector’s trend towards continuous processing, by enhancing product quality, improving processing efficiency, and reducing waste. Choose from a range of units that vary in size and volume, according to your needs, from lab-scale right through to a complete manufacturing system – see Products section.

In addition, the NiTech Solutions DN60 Hydrogenator offers the ability to undertake the hydrogenation chemistries used by the food industry to increase the shelf life and flavour stability of food products.

The largest-scale application of hydrogenation in the food industry is for processing vegetable oils. In the process, hydrogen gas is added to change a liquid vegetable oil into a semi-solid or solid fat, such as those contained in margarine. Hydrogenation also stabilises the oil and prevents spoilage from oxidation.

NiTech DN60 Hydrogenator for Food and Drink industry