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Corning offers services based on flow chemistry

Corning has launched its Advanced Flow Pharmaceutical Technology (AFPT) services business to help CDMOs and pharma companies create key starting materials and APIs using flow chemistry. AFPT is located in Suzhou, China, with service available worldwide starting in the second half of 2023.

Launch of AFPT business

Continuous technology can improve drug supply chain resilience

In this Contract Pharma article, Bikash Chatterjee, CEO of Pharmatech Associate comments on how continuous manufacturing technology bodes well for increasing supply chain resilience for drug development

Pharma trends

FDA guidance is a boon for biosimilars

The FDA’s final guidance on continuous manufacturing should encourage new biologics and biosimilars production, says this article on the Center for Biosimilars’ website.

Boon for biosimilars

Phlow raises funds to advance technology development

Phlow Corp. has raised $36m in Series B funding to progress development of continuous manufacturing technology, and other advanced manufacturing processes for pharmaceuticals, APIs and key starting materials.

Fund raising

Hurdles remain for broader adoption of continuous processes

Despite the advantages intensified processes can offer developers, there are still some obstacles to overcome before broader application of new technologies will be implemented, according to this PharmTech article.

Overcoming hurdles




Flow Chemistry Europe

25-26 May 2023, Cambridge, UK

Topics will include novel synthetic methods, automation/machine learning, continuous manufacturing in the industry, high throughput experimentation, photo and electrochemistry, and chemical engineering.

European conference

Flow Chemistry India

14-15 September 2023, Mumbai, India

This event brings together scientists and companies to discuss the bottlenecks and solutions for conducting successful flow chemistry-based reactions at commercial scale.

India flow event