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Opportunities in continuous manufacturing of large molecules

This Pharmaceutical Engineering article briefly reviews continuous biomanufacturing at a time of very high and global demand for vaccines, as well as increased demand for cell and gene therapy products.

Opportunities for large molecules

US FDA paper on safe continuous production of therapeutic proteins

Building on 20 years of research, the US Food and Drug Administration has published a paper to shed light on how therapeutic proteins can be safely produced on a continuous manufacturing line.

FDA report for therapeutic proteins

Cytiva and Mycenax to set up Taiwan’s first continuous manufacturing development lab

US life science group Cytiva is collaborating with Mycenax Biotech to establish Taiwan’s first continuous manufacturing process development satellite laboratory. Located at Mycenax’s laboratory in Zhubei, the facility will expand Mycenax’s development capability of continuous process technology.

Cytiva and Mycenax Taiwan Venture

Pharma’s shift towards a circular economy

This article on mentions how flow chemistry in drug discovery and the early stages of drug development has also enabled the exploitation of greener reactions with far higher efficiency and less waste.

Making drug development greener