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Revolutionising the pharma industry

This article in PharmaNewsIntelligence discusses how continuous manufacturing has emerged as a transformative technology in the pharmaceutical sector, offering potential to revolutionise the industry.

Transforming pharma production

Overcoming problems of continuous antibody manufacture

Researchers have highlighted the potential of end-to-end continuous manufacture for monoclonal antibodies, said to be a fast-growing biopharmaceutical market segment, according to this article in European Pharmaceutical Review.

Defeating hurdles in mAbs manufacture

Enabling reaction discovery

This paper, published in Chemical Science, defines the role that continuous flow chemistry can have in new reaction discovery.

Enabling reaction discovery




5th APV Continuous Manufacturing Conference

23 – 24 April 2024, Mölndal/Gothenburg, Sweden

This conference targets the pharma sector, specifically people working in formulation & process development, engineering, quality, commercial manufacturing, academia and authorities.

APV event

6th Flow Chemistry and Continuous Processing Conference

2-3 May 2024 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This event brings together experts, researchers and industry leaders in chemistry and chemical engineering to explore the latest advancements in flow chemistry and continuous processing techniques.

Boston conference

SCS Seminar on Flow Chemistry 2024

13-14 June 2024 Fribourg, Villars-sur-Glane, Switzerland

This event is organised by a cross-section of scientists from the industrial and academic community.

SCS Seminar