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CordenPharma collaborates with PeptiSystems on continuous peptide manufacture

CordenPharma has introduced at its Peptide Centre of Excellence in Frankfurt, Germany, a concept developed by Sweden’s PeptiSystems that allows peptide manufacturing in continuous mode, cutting solvent use and corresponding waste by at least 40%.

CordenPharma Collaboration

Univercells links with RoosterBio on exosomes production

Univercells Technologies is partnering with RoosterBio to use scalable and continuous bioprocessing technologies to optimise the manufacture of exosomes and accelerate the commercialization of regenerative therapies at affordable cost.

Univercells exosomes venture




Flow Chemistry and Continuous Processing Conference

9-10 May 2022, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This two-day conference focuses on case studies from process chemists and engineers working in the field giving insights, examples and opinion.

Boston flow chemistry event


22-26 August 2022, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

This year returns to an in-person event with a focus on “Modular and Connected Production”, “The Digital Lab” and “Product and Process Security”. The event will also host a “Digital Hub” and the “Green Innovation Zone”.