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Flow chemistry and making drug production local

Snapdragon Chemistry’s co-founder Tim Jamison talks about how innovative technology such as flow chemistry can help pharma companies manufacture locally to speed up the time it takes for new drugs to get to patients.

Flow chemistry helping to speed up new drugs

Can pharma make continuous manufacturing a reality?

This fiercepharma article looks at how continuous manufacturing could finally become a reality in drug manufacture as the Covid-19 pandemic highlights the fragility of global pharmaceutical supply chains.

Could continuous become a reality in drug manufacture

Pandemic highlights advanced pharma production need

Expanded interest in advanced drug manufacturing and continuous production methods calls for more flexible production systems and regulatory policies.

Covid-19 focuses attention on continuous tech

US government works on reshoring pharma production

Continuous manufacture could be part of President Joe Biden’s plans for a reshoring of US production of critical medicines.

US pharma reshoring

Cleaning continuous manufacturing equipment

This article looks at the adjustments that operators should consider when cleaning continuous manufacturing equipment, as opposed to batch reactors.

Cleaning considerations

Pressure builds to elevate continuous bioprocessing

This article looks at the “fault line” that runs through biomanufacturing, with batch processing on one side and continuous processing on the other. Industry analysts and technology experts believe the biomanufacturing landscape may soon start shifting.

Pressure to lift continuous bioprocessing