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Emerson and IMA Active link on software for continuous manufacture of oral solid dose drugs

Emerson and IMA Active are collaborating to develop new strategies and software to control continuous manufacturing of oral solid dose drugs. The firms will focus on making it easier for drugmakers to adopt the technology by improving the quality, quantity and efficiency of production.

Emerson and IMA co-develop software for continuous process

Continuus – building an end-to-end continuous process for pharma

Pharmaceutical Technology interview with Continuus co-founder and chief business officer Bayan Takizawa about continuous manufacturing and what an end-to-end process offers the pharma industry

Bayan Takizawa of Continuus interview

Snapdragon expands Waltham facility in USA

Snapdragon Chemistry plans a large-scale expansion at Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, which will include advanced continuous manufacturing capabilities. The facility is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Snapdragon expands Waltham lab

Chemical engineers can overcome barriers for pharma’s adoption of continuous manufacture

Chemical engineers have the skills and tools to design efficient and robust processes to overcome the technical and economic barriers to continuous manufacturing in the pharma industry, according to this report by the American Society of Chemical Engineers.

AICHE report on continuous manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry