Continuous CBD crystallization

A proven solution to produce high-purity CBD isolate from distillate via a high throughput single-pass crystallization process.


NiTech Solutions CBD Continuous Oscillatory Baffled Crystallizer COBC benefits


The hemp industry has expanded rapidly in the last half-decade; however, CBD isolate production processes are still in the early stage of development. To date, there is no standardised industrial method for large-scale production of high-quality CBD isolate.

Existing CBD isolate crystallization processes are often crude, inefficient, and expensive to operate, as well as challenging to scale up. As a result, CBD isolate yields are frequently low, and multiple recrystallization steps may be required to achieve the desired purity.

NiTech offers a proven platform to achieve a high yield (> 84 %) of high purity (> 98.5 %) CBD isolate in a single pass, removing the need for recrystallization, thus, making major improvements to manufacturers’ efficiency, profitability and repeatability.

Continuous CBD isolate crystallization using NiTech® COBC

Batch processing used to be the only way to perform crystallization operations. Many established industries are burdened with major amounts of legacy batch process equipment as a result.

New industries, such as CBD isolate production, do not have this problem. They can use modern continuous equipment that will manufacture a high-quality, highly reproducible final product. NiTech’s Continuous Oscillatory Baffled Crystallizers (COBC’s) enable the CBD isolate industry to maximise profitability and minimise operational costs and safety risks by:



Producing high purity (>98.5 %) CBD isolate in a single pass

No more expensive/time-consuming recrystallisation steps

Maximised CBD isolate yields (>84 %)

Optimise your manufacturing efficiency

High production rates per unit volume of crystallizer

Produce kilos to multi-tonnes of CBD isolate per day with a small footprint

A continuous process with a consistent final product

No more batch-to-batch variability

Simple, linear scale-up to larger throughputs

Lower your development costs – we give you the process

C1D1/ATEX-certified units available

Rated for use in hazardous environments

It is not just the equipment, it is the process

  • Procuring capital equipment is only half the battle when establishing a new production process. The other half is developing and validating the process and training the production operators.
  • With batch equipment you will still have all the process development and scale up work to do yourself.
  • With NiTech® you are not on your own!
  • We have a CBD isolate crystallization procedure which we can use to get you up and running as quickly as possible.