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Clean Technology

NiTech’s® reactors and crystallizers are a perfect fit with the shift towards cleaner technology.


The crystallizers and reactors are intrinsically more efficient and sustainable than older stirred tank reactor (STRs) technologies and are the logical choice for companies considering the use of clean technologies within their manufacturing processes.

They are an ideal technology for companies seeking to improve their environmental targets, as they enable you to reduce energy usage, emissions and waste, whilst improving your efficiency and product quality.

NiTech was commended in the latest round of the Rushlight Awards, which focus on technology and innovation achievements in the journey to meeting these goals.

NiTech biodiesel unit

A NiTech® biodiesel unit

NiTech has received support from the Carbon Trust for the development of its work within the general chemicals and food & drink sectors. In addition, NiTech led an international consortium which was awarded a €950k EU FP7 research project, and successfully developed a process for manufacturing radar-reflective polymer for use in wind farms.

NiTech’s technology is also well-suited to use in the biofuels sector, particularly bio-diesel. It enables companies to dramatically reduce their logistic costs, as a skid-mounted NiTech Reactor can be operated within the agricultural community alongside a crusher. This enables the raw materials to be processed locally, rather than being transported to a central site – and the waste material can be discarded locally, on the fields where it was produced.


NiTech dramatically reduces NOx emissions