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Angelini invests in flow chemistry technology

Responding to the rising number of new active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that require specialised and niche chemistry, Angelini Fine Chemicals is investing in flow chemistry and micro-reaction technology for research, development, and cGMP production of small molecule APIs and highly potent APIs for the pharma market.

Angelini invests In flow chemistry

Vision for flow chemistry in life-saving medicine

Paul Watts, a professor at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa, believes flow chemistry technology is integral to setting up new manufacturing facilities in the country, which will make life-saving medicine both affordable and accessible.

Flow chemistry integral to South Africa medicines

Nanoparticle size tuning via flow chemistry

A collaboration among the University College London’s Department of Chemical Engineering and the University of Strasbourg has resulted in a novel flow synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles, practically unfeasible in batch reactors.

Nanoparticle size tuning via flow chemistry

The future of continuous bioprocessing

This feature in Contract Pharma discusses how continuous bioprocessing holds some promising elements for intensifying manufacturing of advanced therapies.

The Future Of Continuous Bioprocessing