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Adoption of continuous manufacturing still rising

Bikash Chatterjee, CEO of Pharmatech Associates, talks to Outsourcing Pharma about how continuous manufacturing is gaining ground in pharma as the cost and complexity of the technology is set to decline, making it even more appealing.

Pharmatech discusses continuous manufacturing

India establishes first flow chemistry hub

India’s first flow chemistry technology hub has been set up at Dr Reddy’s Institute of Life Sciences in Hyderabad, offering training and greater incorporation of the technology during pharma R&D and the manufacture of active ingredients.

Indian hub

The potential for continuous chemistry in pharma

This article in Contract Pharma reports on research from German companies DFE Pharma and Gericke. They find continuous manufacturing has potential to drive productivity and improve safety and product quality in the pharmaceutical sector, but the shift from batch processes requires a strong knowledge base.

Potential in pharma



SCS Seminar on Flow Chemistry 2022

27-29 June 2022, Villars-sur-Glâne, Switzerland

Delayed from February 2022, this event will be led by senior scientists and experts from academia and industry. It will focus on issues such as batch to flow; flow reaction optimization; safety; scaling up; and reactors and reactor design.

SCS Seminar


22-26 August 2022, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

This year returns to an in-person event with a focus on “Modular and Connected Production”, “The Digital Lab” and “Product and Process Security”. The event will also host a “Digital Hub” and the “Green Innovation Zone”.