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Advanced technologies drive sustainability

This article by Sotirios Frantzanas of Chemical Week, with a major contribution by NiTech Solutions, looks at how advanced technologies are driving sustainability in specialty chemicals

Chemical Week report

Continuous flow: from mRNA to small molecules

In this video, experts from Curia discuss trends in the pharmaceutical industry, including a move to adopt continuous flow chemistry processes for both mRNA and small molecule manufacturing.

From mRNA to small molecules

New modular flow platform for SuFEx click chemistry

Dutch researchers have developed a modular flow platform for sulfur fluoride exchange (SuFEx) click chemistry that facilitates fast and selective functionalization of small molecules, peptides and proteins for therapeutic purposes while also safely controlling the generation of toxic reagent sulfuryl fluoride.

SuFEx flow platform



Flow Chemistry Europe 2024

7-8 March 2024 Malaga, Spain

The conference will cover a wide spectrum of topics on the core facets of flow chemistry, including advanced synthetic methods, automation/machine learning, high throughput experimentation,  continuous manufacturing in the industry and scale up of flow chemistry.

Flow Chemistry Europe 2024

6th Flow Chemistry and Continuous Processing Conference

2-3 May 2024 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This event brings together experts, researchers and industry leaders in chemistry and chemical engineering to explore the latest advancements in flow chemistry and continuous processing techniques.

Boston conference

SCS Seminar on Flow Chemistry 2024

13-14 June 2024 Fribourg, Villars-sur-Glane, Switzerland

This event is organised by a cross-section of scientists from the industrial and academic community.

SCS Seminar