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Merck and Transcenta Collaborate to Advance Continuous Biomanufacturing

Merck and China biotherapeutics company Transcenta are collaborating to implement continuous manufacturing for protein therapeutics. Merck will provide its expertise to accelerate Transcenta’s development and implementation of a continuous bioprocessing platform.

Merck in China continuous manufacturing collaboration

UConn, DIANT Pharma licenses continuous manufacturing nanoparticle system

The University of Connecticut has licensed its continuous manufacturing technology for pharmaceutical nanoparticles in support of commercialization to DIANT Pharma. The US Food and Drug Administration has supported the technology’s development with more than $5 million in funding. DIANT Pharma was formed in 2019.

UConn, DIANT Pharma license continuous manufacturing nanoparticle system

From batch to continuous free-radical solution polymerization of acrylic acid

This report in Reaction Chemistry & Engineering assesses the transition of the solution free-radical polymerization of non-ionized acrylic acid from batch to continuous with the aim of preserving the product quality in terms of weight-average molecular weight.

Continuous free-radical solution polymerization of acrylic acid

Roots Analysis: continuous manufacturing market analysis

The researcher estimates the continuous manufacturing market will be worth about $2 billion in 2030. The report entitled “Continuous Manufacturing Market (Small Molecules and Biologics), 2020-2030 studies the current market and future opportunities for companies with continuous manufacturing capabilities.

Roots continuous manufacturing market report

The rise of continuous flow biocatalysis

Reaction Chemistry & Engineering reviews developments (from 2018 to September 2020) in continuous biocatalysis systems, with a special focus on enzyme-catalyzed reactions. It also looks at future perspectives in this key emerging technological area.

The rise of continuous flow biocatalysis

Global pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing market 2020 business strategies

This market report from Zion Market Research looks at the market by application, distribution channel and end-users, giving an industry perspective, analysis and forecast for the period 2017-2024.

Global pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing market



An Integrated Ecosystem for Transforming Medicines Manufacturing

18th February 2021, 12.30-17.00 GMT

This symposium brings together pharmaceutical industrialists, regulators, policy makers and academics to look at how the community can grow medicines manufacturing in the UK and accelerate the adoption of advanced manufacturing and digital technologies.

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