NiTech Solutions works in partnership with a number of Contract Research Organisations (CROs) to allow our customers to carry out feasibility studies or proof of concept as a potential precursor to renting or purchasing a NiTech Solutions unit.

Our partner CROs are strategically located and each has at least one NiTech Solutions Continuous Reactor/Crystallizer unit, combined with application expertise. Where required, NiTech Solutions provide direct application support and guidance for projects carried out by our partner CROs. Work scope and commercial arrangements between a customer and CRO are normally made directly between the parties.

Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallization (CMAC) Centre of Excellence

NiTech Solutions technology was the inspiration for the new EPSRC-funded Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallization (CMAC). This is being led by the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, together with the Universities of Bath, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heriot-Watt and Loughborough.

Industry Support

Provided by industry partners that include GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Fujifilm, Croda International, Genzyme and others.

NiTech Solutions technology supports CMAC to:

  • Enable change from batch to fully continuous manufacturing processes for high-value chemical products.
  • Produce better chemical and pharmaceutical products, at lower cost and more sustainably through transformational change in how particles are manufactured.
  • Increase manufacturing competitiveness via reducing costs and enabling the creation of higher-value products.


NiTech Solutions Partners – CMAC Continuous Manufacturing Crystallisation

Centre For Process Innovation (CPI)

CPI is a technology innovation centre that works with universities, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and multi-national businesses to help them overcome innovation challenges and bring new products and processes to market. Operating across a range of complementary technologies; formulation, biologics, printable electronics and industrial biotechnology and biorefining, CPI supports companies to help them develop, prove, prototype and scale-up next-generation formulated products across a range of market sectors.

CPI is working with NiTech Solutions on the Innovate UK-funded project, Flex_Manu, providing expertise in scale-up and process development using continuous oscillatory baffle reactor (COBR) technology for surfactant production.

La Maison Européenne Des Procédés Innovants (MEPI)

MEPI is a technology innovation platform located in Toulouse, France, promoting green chemistry on an industrial scale. MEPI has unique know-how in testing novel chemical equipment for continuous intensified processes, helping companies in the pharma, fine & specialty chemicals and cosmetic industries to implement flow chemistries, crystallizations and formulations.

MEPI has developed successfully a significant number of chemical reactions, precipitations, particle size engineering, nanoparticle and grafting generations, using NiTech Solutions continuous oscillatory baffled reactor (COBR). This COBR is a very efficient troubleshooting tool to solve challenging chemical production issues. It is available at MEPI for testing your chemistries.


MEPI maison europeenne des procedes innovants


Download presentation from MEPI
president Laurent Pichon at the
Flow Chemistry Society Symposium
in Mumbai, India, in January 2018.
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Download MEPI  brochure

Purdue University

Zoltan Nagy Purdue UniversityPurdue University is a public research university located in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. Purdue’s Davidson School of Chemical Engineering is researching process systems, engineering approaches and tools for product design and optimal operation in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, biotechnology, food and agrochemical industries. The university is aiming to develop theoretically founded, practical methodologies for complex processes with quantifiable performance improvements that can be supported in an industrial environment. Purdue is currently using a NiTech Solutions unit in its research.

Relex Process Consultancy

NiTech Solutions’ agent in Israel is Relex Process Consultancy. The company, which is based in Srigim Lion, central Israel, specialises in continuous flow reactors (micro, and meso). Relex has more than 26 years’ experience in supplying process equipment and can assist customers with its own pilot-scale units or in performing trials in collaboration with NiTech Solutions.

Research Institute of Sweden (RISE)

Research Institute of Sweden (RISE), Division Bioscience and Materials, Process and Pharmaceutical Development (RISE-PPD)

RISE can carry out feasibility studies on chemical synthesis and crystallization processes and provide a proof of concept for a continuous process. The institute is equipped with a NiTech Solutions Evaluator and a NiTech Solutions DN15 Plus unit and can provide full analytical support during development in terms of chemical analyses and solid-state characterisations.

RISE has long experience of developing processes in the pharmaceutical industry, including substance processes and pharmaceutical formulations. RISE also has a small pilot plant for manufacturing GMP and technical-quality material as well as formulated products. Visit


Research Institute of Sweden RISE


SAS PIVERT, a public-private partnership established by leading French agricultural companies and supported by the French government, develops processes and proprietary products from biorefining. It is leading the GENESYS pre-competitive research programme and building/managing a modular and scalable technological platform at its BIOGIS Centre.

The MATURATION projects at BIOGIS aim to industrialise chemical products and energy from oilseed biomass. PIVERT is using a high-pressure ATEX-compliant NiTech Solutions DN15 crystallizer/reactor to support its biochemistry research and development work.


SAS PIVERT team NiTech Partner