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Almac gets grant for continuous flow of emerging enzymes

Almac Sciences and University College Dublin have won a grant of €420,000 from the Science Foundation Ireland’s Frontiers for the Future programme that will enable them to exploit – for the first time – emerging enzymes in continuous flow reactors so as to develop new and sustainable routes to chemical products.

Ireland grant

Hovione expands continuous manufacturing services

Portuguese CDMO Hovione has started up a new facility at Loures that offers a commercial continuous tableting platform for manufacturing oral dosage drugs.

New Loures facility

Austrian researchers synthesize limonene carbonates in continuous flow

Given the high interest in converting CO2 to value-added chemicals, researchers at Austrian university TU Vienna have developed a continuous flow synthesis for limonene-based cyclic carbonates using supercritical CO2 as solvent and reactant. Cyclic carbonates can be used in various applications, such as solvents, electrolytes or polymer building blocks.

Synthesis of limonene carbonates




Commercializing Flow Chemistry Summit 2022

11-13 October 2022, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This third summit aims to unite top-tier expertise for biopharma, academia, CDMO and fine chemical & API organisations to get practical and strategic intelligence to turn flow chemistry into industrial applications.

US summit


5-7 December 2022 Newcastle, UK

This conference will look at the latest issues in synthetic route design, development and optimisation, crystallization, process engineering, quality and regulatory issues, among others.

Process chemistry conference