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NiTech® technology makes the right product first time, every time.

The essence of NiTech reactor technology allows kinetic (theoretical) reaction times obtained in labs to be delivered at pilot and full scale. This is due to the uniform mixing and plug flow achieved through the combination of fluid oscillation and baffle restrictions, which:

  • delivers consistent product quality (eliminating post-reaction unit operations);
  • shrinks reactor volumes (smaller);
  • reduces plant inventory (safer); and
  • lowers energy utilisation and waste generation (greener)).

The essence of NiTech crystalliser technology is that it delivers excellent mixing and temperature control in lab and pilot/full scale due to its ability to achieve uniform mixing, plug flow and superior heat transfer rate. It:

  • delivers consistent crystal properties (eliminating post-crystallisation unit operations);
  • enables uniform crystal sizes, reducing filtration time and the potential of impurity due to solvent entrapment;
  • shrinks crystallizer volumes and reduces plant inventory; and
  • lowers energy/solvent utilisation (greener).

NiTech’s® Oscillatory Mechanism


  • These baffled tubes can be manufactured in a variety of materials
  • An upstroke pushes the liquid through the tube, creating eddies and enabling significant radial motion
  • A downstroke creates similar eddies on the opposite side of the baffle
  • NiTech’s® patented technology allows precise control of the intensity of this eddy generation and cessation, to deliver a consistent mixing environment for the desired product specification, e.g. size, morphology and yield

Schematic of the NiTech® Reactor and Crystallizer


  • The baffled cells can be connected in sequence, creating continuous flow path and allowing separate raw material feeds to be used during the process, at the required temperature and pressure
  • The units can also be scaled-up as required

Key Product Features

  • Modular assembly
  • Variable flow rates
  • Reduced residence time
  • State of the art control systems
  • Range of construction materials
  • Standard operating parameters

Key Benefits

  • Reliable scale-up
  • Greatly reduced unit size – portable
  • Higher quality product – less waste
  • Easily customisable
  • Wide variety of applications
  • Enables ‘plug and play’ on site

NiTech® units address up to 70% of Batch Manufacturing market

BTS and Corning Continuous Crystalliser and Reactor


BTS and NiTech

“BTS has purchased a DN15 continuous crystallizer and reactor from the UK’s NiTech Solutions, having identified it as a potential key technology for the future.”



“This joint demonstration answered a frequently asked question of whether we can achieve an entire continuous-flow manufacturing reaction and downstream steps such as crystallization and filtration.”