A NiTech Solutions continuous oscillatory baffled crystallizer/ reactor (COBC/R) consists of jacketed, baffled process pipework in combination with a process fluid oscillator – providing you with a high-performance continuous process solution as an alternative to conventional batch systems.

COBC/R systems combine baffled and jacketed serpentine pipework with an oscillator system to provide uniform mixing, leading to very efficient heat and mass transfer. The net flow rate is independent of the high fluid velocity and excellent mixing created by the oscillation, allowing extended residence times under plug flow conditions.

CBD Process – NiTech continuous oscillatory baffled crystalliser (COBC) diagram


The combination of orifice baffles and oscillated process fluid flow creates eddies between the baffles, providing a uniquely efficient mixing environment.

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NiTech Solutions Oscillatory Mechanism

Detailed flow pattern in COBC/R system resulting from process fluid oscillation, showing the mixing effect of eddy formation over a forward and reverse cycle. NiTech Solutions patented technology allows precise control of the intensity of this eddy propagation and cessation to deliver a consistent and highly efficient mixing regime.

The combination of baffles and oscillation, and resulting high mixing intensity, enhances heat and mass transfer to speed up the process and ensure a consistent processing environment. Meanwhile the jacketed pipework provides a large surface area for heat transfer to the process medium. For a typical cooling crystallization process, temperature zones are set up along the length of the COBC, starting from high temperature (at the start of the COBC) through to low temperature (at the end of the COBC). The modular nature of the serpentine pipework means there is a high degree of flexibility in configuring temperature zones for both crystallizations and reactions.

This is the essence of the NiTech Solutions COBC/R system: optimal heat transfer combined with uniform mixing, ensuring you can make right product first time, every time, allowing kinetic (theoretical) reaction times obtained at lab scale to be delivered at pilot and production scale.

For reactions, the system delivers:

  • consistent product quality (eliminating post-reaction unit operations);
  • reduced reactor volumes (versus batch);
  • reduced plant inventory (safer); and
  • reduced energy usage and waste generation (greener).

For crystallizations, the system delivers:

  • consistent crystal properties (eliminating post-crystallization unit operations);
  • uniform crystal sizes, reducing filtration time and the potential of impurities due to solvent entrapment;
  • reduced crystallizer volumes and reduced plant inventory; and
  • reduced energy/solvent usage (greener).

COBC/R Hardware Configurations

  • The baffled cells comprising the crystallizer/reactor system are connected in sequence, creating a continuous-flow path and allowing flexibility in the addition of raw material feeds at the required temperature and pressure
  • The baffled tubes can be manufactured in a variety of materials, including glass, stainless steel and Hastelloy®
  • The units can be reliably scaled up to fit throughput requirements


Typical lab-scale system (DN15 Standard) showing main system elements

Technology - DN15 main system elements

Key Product Features

  • Flexible configuration/modular construction
  • Wide range of flow rates and residence times possible
  • Range of construction materials
  • Handles liquids/solids/gases
  • Broad range of pressure and temperature settings
  • Multi-zone temperature capability
  • Easy, continuous monitoring of process variables

Key Benefits

  • Small plant footprint
  • Reliable scale-up – eliminates heat and mass transfer constraints
  • Higher and consistent product quality and yield
  • Customisable configuration addresses a wide variety of applications
  • Lower energy/waste/emissions & reduced CO2
  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX
  • Reduced process risk due to low process volumes

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NiTech Solutions units address up to 70% of Batch Manufacturing market

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BTS and NiTech

“BTS has purchased a DN15 continuous crystallizer and reactor from the UK’s NiTech Solutions, having identified it as a potential key technology for the future.”