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Advanced Manufacturing
Digital, continuous and biotech-enabled technology is safer, greener, faster and cheaper.

NiTech Solutions Sustainability and Affordability – Advanced Manufacturing

Sustainability and affordability

The supply-driven markets of recent years are now being shaped as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and associated economic crisis.

As a result, we are moving towards new business models, which are demand-led and based on doing more with less. Sustainability and affordability therefore go hand-in-hand as we enter this New Normal world. Agility is therefore becoming a critical success factor. And once the need for change has been understood, it is clear that the New Normal is creating a major opportunity for companies to rapidly build and scale new businesses, which will likely provide solid revenue and profit growth for decades to come.

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NiTech Solutions Localising supply chains – Advanced Manufacturing – Coronavirus impact on global supply chains

Localising supply chains

Chemicals and pharma supply chains have proven very fragile during the coronavirus pandemic.

They have collapsed not only because of the uncoordinated nature of the lockdowns around the world, but also due to volatility in demand patterns. These problems are unlikely to disappear quickly, making it essential to rebuild supply chains on a local scale, close to end-user demand. The good news is that the costs of replacing existing infrastructure are relatively low, due to the ability to use advanced manufacturing technology.

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NiTech Solutions – Circular economy – Advanced Manufacturing

Circular economy

The need to localise supply chains in a world of potential energy abundance suggests that moves towards a circular economy will accelerate.

Even without the pollution issue, it would make little sense for the world to continue spending $80bn-$120bn each year on producing single-use plastic products, which are then thrown away immediately after use. The coronavirus pandemic has confirmed that plastics are very valuable materials – but we need new locally-based business models to be created, covering the value chain from collection through processing, manufacturing (based potentially on 3D printing) and distribution. Thinking ‘out of the box’ will likely create a goldmine for those innovative companies who focus on capturing the sweet spot in the new value chain, and rapidly scale the new business model(s) across the main cities and towns in their chosen regions.

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NiTech Solutions – Advanced Manufacturing for Pharma and fine chemicals

Advanced manufacturing

Manufacturing is long overdue to change, particularly in the specialty/fine chemical area, where the technology would often seem familiar to our Victorian forefathers.

The moves to localise supply chains provide a major opportunity to rethink both design and operation, with the aim of finally moving away from traditional batch processes to adopt digital, continuous and bio-enabled technology to create a safer, greener, faster, cheaper and more flexible manufacturing footprint.

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